Gaucho – Smokeable CBD and CBG Flower PreRolls – 7 Pack


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Gaucho: South American Cowboy

Contains: 3/4 Wife CBD (Indica) Hemp Flower and 1/4 White CBG Hemp Flower

Gaucho is offered as a more “authentic” smoke with more robust flavor and aroma than Quixotic. If you have smoked cannabis before and like the flavor, taste and effect, then Gaucho is for you!

Every carefully chosen clone is grown in specially cultivated soil and hand-tended daily to ensure each plant develops and thrives to her full potential! They are then harvested at night, carefully dried, cured for months, then hand-trimmed and shredded, rolled in artisan-grade pre-roll papers and tips, and packaged in-house! They are truly a handcrafted labor of love!

Since the benefits of CBD and CBG cannabinoids overlap, we blend in just enough high-quality and expensive CBG flower to boost the performance of our CBD flower and offer additional benefits, but keep the cost down compared to a fully CBG cigarette.

What Does Smoking Hemp Do For Me?

The CBD and CBG cannabinoids present in hemp plants have numerous beneficial affects on the body’s physiological as well as neurological systems (see our FAQ and Resources page). These benefits include a wide range of relief when combined into a single cigarette.

Reported benefits have been a warm and calming buzz, euphoria, a complete release of tension and stress, headache relief and appetite enhancement, as well as a restful night sleep!  In addition, there is promising research in using CBG for it’s anti-bacterial properties as well as it’s seemingly targeted effects on male prostate cancer!

Why Buy From Black Sheep Farm?

Farm-Direct! means: you get more product straight from the farmer at prices that save you money!

Our pre-rolls use at least .95g of pure flower per cig ((vs. industry standard of .5 to .7g)) 

Our Premium CBD and CBG flower pre-rolls cost only $5.70each! ($39.99/7 pack) Compare that to smoke shops and CBD stores that charge an average of $10 to $15 per cig!

You can’t beat this quality at these prices!

We grow organically and test with the only DEA certified lab in the state of Georgia to ensure potency as well as legality. We then harvest, dry, cure and package on-site for maximum quality control! We use 100% organic, artisan-quality (ultra-thin), hemp paper and spiraled tips as the roll for the cigarette. The result is an ultra-smooth, chemical-free smoke which is free of harsh taste and byproducts.

Why Smoke Instead of Oil?

Smoking cannabinoids offers a quicker and more direct path into your body’s endocannabinoid system than oils and edibles, which have to be broken down by the stomach and liver then eventually make it to the same destination in your body. Smoking is actually more trendy and fun, socially-engaging, easy and portable (our pre-rolls), and the effects are immediately noticeable and last for hours! Oils tend to be boring, questionably effective, and take much longer for the duller effects to become noticeable.

Is There THC In Black Sheep Cigs?

Yes, there is at least the legal limit of THC in our cigs. When growing hemp naturally and to its fullest potential there is always going to be THC, as well as many other cannabinoids. We advise you to self-regulate your ability to enjoy our product based on your individual circumstances. Individual results may vary some, and we always recommend starting light to gauge effects. It is always advisable to consult your physician or PA for concerns or questions regarding preexisting conditions and or issues which may affect or interfere with your ability to enjoy our product.

While arguably useful, not everyone enjoys the psychoactive affects of using THC. Fortunately, the benefits of CBD cannabinoids present in hemp plants have many of the same beneficial affects on the body which include many of those desired by using THC hemp, but allow the user to avoid the often disorienting or undesirable affects of THC. The benefits of CBD cannabinoids include a wide range of relief. Some are attained by smoking, some by eating, and some by applying on the skin. Reported benefits of smoking CBD have been a deep sense of relief, calm, warmth, a stabilizing state of mind, increased clarity, insight and focus as well as the desired anti-nausea and appetite regulation often found with using THC cannabinoids.