What is CBD and CBG? And isn’t hemp just another name for marijuana? 

CBD is an initialism for Cannabidiol, CBG is an initialism for Cannabigerol, which are two of many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant once it has gone through its flower phase. CBD, and now CBG, can be the dominant cannabinoids present in hemp strains of Cannabis. Especially when they have been cultivated to enhance CBD or CBG over all others. THC is another cannabinoid; present in cannabis strains grown to enhance the production of that particular cannabinoid during its flower phase, aka “Marijuana”. Comparing Marijuana and Hemp would be like comparing oranges and lemons. Both belong to the citrus family, and have clearly defined differences and chemical properties which overlap, but also differ greatly in the types and amounts of cannabinoids produced during their respective flowering phases.  

Ok, so CBD and CBG are cannabinoids. What do they do for me?  

It’s incredible-if you ask us! CBD is a chemical compound that integrates wonderfully with the body’s own ‘Endocannabinoid System’, which is considered a vital and integral part of the human (and animal) nervous system. The Endocannabinoid system is present throughout the body – even in our skin – but is concentrated in certain areas like the brain and gut. Our body produces ‘endogenous cannabinoids’ which filter through the bodies Endocannabinoid system ( endogenous cannabinoids like Anandamide and 2-AG) and help regulate nervous system activity, as well as hormone regulation through close conjunction with the body’s Endocrine system.  Cannabinoid research has been limited until recently, but studies are showing that CBD, and also CBG, are two of the most beneficial of the cannabinoids present in Hemp.

CBD and CBG interact directly with the CB1 and CB2 neurotransmitters in the nervous system and can act as a “neurological buffer” to help maintain a healthy balance, or “Endocannabinoid Tone” throughout the body’s nervous system. If the “Endocannabinoid Tone” of an individual may be elevated or above normal, CBD can interact to lower that level to a more median or even “tone”. Likewise, if the endocannabinoid tone of an individual is low or suppressed, CBD can act to “elevate” that tone to a more neutral and healthy balance, thereby offering relief from many conditions caused by endocannabinoid imbalances, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, lethargy, nausea, headaches, body aches, joint pains, dizzyness, and appetite. CBG, like CBD, acts on the endocannabinoid system in beneficial ways as well, but perhaps most important to us is that studies show the presence of CBG can act to catalyze, or increase the effectiveness of CBD by up to 20%! For this reason we incorporate CBG flower into our CBG cigarette mix to offer a broader range of cannabinoid effectiveness, but also to boost the performance of the CBD present in the flower mix. 

Is there THC in Hemp as well as CBD and CBG? 

Short answer – yes. It is not really possible to eliminate one cannabinoid from a strain of cannabis. Nor should you, in our opinion. Hemp is a completely legal plant that produces flowers and chemicals similar to Cannabis but the bias toward CBD vs. THC is much higher in Hemp. The federal government states a Hemp plant can only contain 0,3% (soon to be 1.0%) or less THC to be legal. Most strains of Cannabis sold today are 12% or more THC content. Black Sheep Farms continually tests the flower we grow to ensure it is harvested while legal and we minimally process our flower to ensure it remain as pure as possible.Fortunately, the THC levels present in most hemp strains, especially ours, are too low to offer any kind of effective “high” associated with smoking a joint of marijuana. THC is present, and to be honest, has cannabinoid properties beyond its psychoactive effects that can aid the beneficial profile of our cigarettes. 

In addition, it has been found through scientific study, as well as personal experience, that the presence of even small amounts of CBD in the endocannabinoid system can effectively block the uptake of THC by the CB1 receptor in the nervous system, thereby inhibiting the psychoactive effects of THC and leaving only the CB2 pathway for THC to offer alternate benefits in conjunction with its fellow CBD and CBG brothers! In short, smoking one of our cigarettes can produce a quick and enjoyable effect – which is much more noticeable and immediate than any oil or cream – but will not get you high. The effect is most often described as “feeling normal, relaxed, and at peace again”. 

How does Black Sheep Farm Hemp compare to the hemp sold in storefronts or vape shops/head shops?

Black Sheep Farms Organic, Handcrafted Cigarettes –  Black Sheep Farms organically grows plants cloned from verified female super strains which are handled by human hands in real dirt and sunshine from the time they are baby girls, up to full maturity and flower! Our plants are grown in carefully cultivated, natural spring-fed land! We grow limited numbers of plants which are handled at a minimum, fed only an all-organic diet, carefully hand-tended their whole life, and are given plenty of space, elements, natural and enhanced light. Our plants are minimally “processed” and carefully blended then rolled in the absolute best quality pre-rolls and tips we could have made! We don’t sell raw flower, so all of our best stuff goes straight into our cigarettes! Many companies save their best, showable flower for the jar and shove the leftovers you can’t see into their cigarette!

Corporate Owned Cannabis Conglomerates – Our experience has been that most corporate outlets, like CBD stores that offer some flower and mostly oils and creams, are made up of large groups of very wealthy investors that build and utilize large, enclosed buildings with lab-like conditions to grow as much product as possible. They utilize whatever fertilizers, chemicals and growth techniques will produce the most bulk per square foot. They offer products with super-high percentages of isolated cannabinoids and brag about the hyper-processed “purity” of their product, then offer them for sale at really high prices to sustain that multi-million dollar machine that brought the product to you.  Our opinion is that this is like going to the grocery store and buying overpriced, genetically manipulated, anything-but-natural fruit which is designed in a lab and grown for size and weight, not nutrition! You can also buy chicken raised in cages and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to produce volume of meat, not quality of meat. Society has learned it is not healthy to eat this way – so why would you want to smoke or ingest CBD products produced in an equivalent way by the same types of companies with the same corporate mentalities? 

Head Shop/Vape Shop Smoke –  There is a reason the packaging is completely covered in eye-popping decals with names like bang, or whiz, or whatever. Some attempt to be better by dressing up the packaging, or worse, spraying additional “enhanced” chemicals on the flower or cigarette. But much of it is dirt cheap, non-desireable, “leftover product”, it has to be ground to a dry, dusty pulp and shoved in a large cone paper, then covered so you can’t see it, and offered at a cheap price so you won’t bother to come back and complain about the taste or lack of any real benefit or effect. Black Sheep Farm aims to greatly improve the quality, benefit and value of what is offered currently!    

Why does Black Sheep Farms sell smokeable CBD/CBG instead of oils and creams? 

Mostly due to “bioavailability” and personal preference. Fact is, people have been smoking beneficial plants and herbs since before recorded history! Further fact, it is typically tied to sacred traditions. Though there have been millions of deaths associated with inhaling and/or smoking harmful chemicals and additives – there are no recorded deaths attributed to health issues caused by smoking or inhaling beneficial substances, plants and herbs like Hemp or Cannabis (or Lotus, Chamomile, Neem, Blueberry leaf, Bearberry, etc.)! Smoking is easy, relaxing, soothing, and offers a far more direct pathway for CBD and CBG to enter the body!

There are three ways to introduce cannabinoids into the body. 

1) To ingest, or eat it. By extracting the desired cannabinoid oil from the plant flower, or usually the entire plant, then decarboxylating the cannabinoids in a lab and adding them to a lipid based substance like butters, creams, and oils for tinctures, you can then apply the oil under the tongue, or use it in foods which are then eaten.  Our personal feeling is that oils are boring and their effects are questionable and rarely “experienced” with any conviction. In addition, because it is much harder to extract and process these oils, they are really expensive and are usually only available as isolates, which can further limit their effectiveness!  

2) To apply cannabinoid oils or creams to the skin of effected areas. Endocannabinoid receptors are present throughout the bodies nervous system, which includes in our skin. So applying oils and creams can have a localized soothing effect. But that’s about the extent of it.  

3) To inhale cannabinoids by heating (decarboxylating) them in a cigarette, pipe, etc and deliver them directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. By carefully cultivating, harvesting, drying, curing and processing the flower, then rolling that flower in the best papers and tips we could find, we create a very clean, effective, cannabinoid saturated product which is inhaled and produces near immediate, noticeable, soothing effects. Due to the minimal amount of processing and handling involved with our crafting process, costs are relatively low and therefore the “bang for the buck” is much higher with a smokeable hemp product. Our personal opinion on this one is that smoking can be more fun, enjoyable, entertaining and engaging, and can offer actual and immediate results.  

Isn’t smoking bad for you? Should I be concerned about lung or body health when inhaling anything? 

We are not here to hand out medical advice. That’s not a cop-out, it’s a disclaimer. Our feeling is that just like your skin absorbs and releases moisture, therefore you can apply creams for absorbtion. Or your digestive system is designed to ingest substances used to power the body, therefore you can ingest cannabinoid based products like oils and baked goods. As well, your pulmonary system (lungs) are designed to inhale chemicals like oxygen, nitrogen, medicines for asthma and pulmonary issues – and even menthols and mints for alleviation from the symptoms of colds and flus, without the worry that you are doing harm or damage to your lungs. They are doing what they were designed to do, and it wasn’t specifically for inhaling oxygen and nothing else.

There are studies that show smoking too much of anything or abusing a product can lead to harm, and of course this is true, so for this reason we advocate for the safe and sensible use of our products, and any product containing cannabinoids.  True, “big tobacco” did no favors to the cigarette world by selling “cancer sticks” full of tobacco, nicotine, and a myriad of other harmful chemical additives and preservatives. The tobacco and chemical additives did the real damage to peoples lungs and caused abnormalities like cancers and various other pulmonary issues. However, Cannabinoids from Hemp and cannabis plants are molecules that readily absorb into the body and behave in beneficial ways to aid your bodies own endocannabinoid system.  

We are forced to inhale tons of harmful chemicals throughout our daily lives, like hydrocarbons, propellants, airborne waste and chemical toxins emitted by factories and transportation. Fortunately, it has been found through highly credible research, including one Harvard School of Medicine study, that showed cannabinoids like THC and CBD by extension, can actually coat the lungs and aid in the protection of the lung tissue from other harmful chemicals in our environment that can do the real damage to lung tissue and cause abnormalities like disease and cancers/tumors! Cell culture and animal studies have even suggested that THC and CBD may have anti-cancerous and anti-tumor properties! 

Our lungs gladly accept cannabinoids and pass them more directly and immediately into the blood stream and endocannabinoid system more efficiently and effectively than any of the other two options of creams or oils. Furthermore, the effect of inhaling cannabinoids produces a much more noticeable and pleasant effect than sterilized and isolated oils and creams, which are boring to use and questionable in their results.  

Ok, so I want to try some Black Sheep Farm Cigarettes but what about legality? Will I pass a drug test? 

Black Sheep Farm Hemp is 100% legal in all 50 US states! Hemp is also non-addictive! As stated above, it is hard to produce hemp flower with no THC in ways that don’t treat the plant like a lab rat or GMO produce, however the amount of THC present in our CBD and CBG flower is low enough not to produce a high effect, and as well, our flower is continually tested by the only state certified DEA lab in Georgia in order to ensure potency, legality, and purity.  Since no one can guarantee the complete absence of any one type of cannabinoid in any strain of cannabis it is advisable to abstain from using our product if you are subject to strict drug testing policies in any aspect of your professional life!  

In addition, it is our advice that if possible, you have a conversation with your employer or HR administrator about your desire to use CBD products for medical reasons but are concerned about legality or false positives when or if a drug test is necessary during the course of your employment. Attitudes are changing toward hemp and cannabis and acceptance of the plant as beneficial in many ways is at an all time high. Many employers may respond well or favorably to your proactive approach to clearing your use of CBD products and make an allowance.  

Will Black Sheep Farm carry THC hemp also? 

Yes, we support all hemp variants and all cannabinoids. THC is, arguably the “fun” cannabinoid, but not everyone likes it and desires its effects. CBD is the “workhorse”, beneficial cannabinoid (in concert with others like CBG, CBN, CBA and THC that naturally occur in our hemp). Due to the fact that the plant and its flower is so beneficial, we will grow and offer all hemp variants and cannabinoids in the highest-quality way to suit whatever you are looking for.